Which profiles?

The Food Business Challenges Chair will appeal to students who wish to understand the fascinating challenges in the world of food and “make a change”. If you want to join the agri-food and service companies, the chair helps you become the transformational manager companies are looking for.

The Chair welcomes students from MiM Grande Ecole program, from Advanced Masters such as Sustainability Transformation,  Marketing Management & Digital, Gestion des Achats Internationaux & Supply Chain,  Entrepreneurs, from MSc in Hospitality Management program, and from Global BBA program. 

The class of 2023

The third class of the Food Business Challenges Chair brings together 22 students from very different backgrounds and nationalities, such as British, Canadian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Norwegian and Swiss.

What do they all have in common? They all share a passion for food!