Visits & Workshops

With their millennial perspective, ESSEC students analyze and react to current challenges. They interact and exchange with professionals during various events such as visits, round tables or workshops. 



During the lastest edition of the ‘Food for Travellers’ creative workshop organized by the ESSEC Food Business Challenges Chair, students of more than 10 nationalities tackled challenges brought to them by our partners Vinci Airports, SSP Group plc and Altaréa

This week-long workshop is a unique opportunity for Essec students to work on real projects combining mobility and food issues : Reinvent high-end table service in Orly 3 -  Design a new mood-based F&B experience at London Gatwick Airport -  Imagine a new F&B offer targeting travelers at Gare d’Austerlitz.
Yet, fulfilling the very specific needs of travelers in a highly constrained environment is a multidimensional challenge, in terms of operations, design, environment, cuisine, culture, nutrition, or public health. 

Integrating art and culture in customer experience design along travel retail and hospitality, moving past clichés to encapsulate a sense of place that’s relevant for both locals and visitors, incorporating plant based food and no alcohol options in menus, going beyond Chefs’ signature to explore Chefs culinary stories instead, and much more: ideas kept flowing!

The nine teams presented their projects to a jury of professionals, and ALTAREA's "Horizons" project for the Austerlitz station won with a proposal that combines the station's history with technology!

February 2024

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How to manage the shop assortment in a context of strategic change for our customers? This is what we discovered when we visited the warehouses of our partner METRO.

We continued with a personal development workshop led by Anna Seror on the Quadrant tool. A very useful workshop for the future managers.

March 2024


Exploring the inspiring story of iconic La Vache qui rit #powerof laughter

Creativity, Strategy & Laughter – 3 words to sum up our visit to BETC at Les Magasins Généraux 

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Store Visit "What are the specificities of merchandising for a store dedicated to professionals?"

Kitchen dedicated to professionals for testing "Purchasing process between a food supplyer and a buyer and hygiene quality department METRO and how the chef represents the customer"

Let's talk about green supply! Energy / Sustainable mobility of the company and its employees. 

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The challenge: Two hours to understand the Babybel brand, its issues and constraints and to come up with a marketing plan to incorporate functional foods into their portfolio while maintaining the Babybel brand image as a playful and happy brand.

with Anne-Catherine Barret, Global Brand Strategy and Equity Director
and Sophie Mauret, CMO / Marketing Director - Business development - Innovation and Transformation

"We identified many learnings such as the main facets that drive a conscious consumer and how brands that are able to balance their image and combine factors like healthy and tasty or natural and innovative have a real advantage with consumers. Confronting our ideas as a team and giving priority to the quality of the ideas over the quantity allowed us to propose scenarios to the Bel Team" - Rishabh Singh


How data could help to accelerate BEL CSR commitment?

Gaël DEMENET, Data & AI for Growth Director - BEL - (January 2021)

"Through the seminar with Gaël, we came across that as a successful food producer company, it is not only chased better food quality but also pay attention to education and poverty. To support this process, the use of multiple data is key. Moreover, the data could be used to assess the Foodprint and assist consumers with their waste sorting efforts."

Muqing LIN - Master in Management & FBC Chair

How to fasten innovation with our customers: New technologies that will help to better partner and create intimacy with customers.

Hanane LAMJAJ, Global Marketing Director - Biospringer By Lesaffre - (February 2021)

"We had the chance to discuss and reflect with Hanane on a real stake carried by Biospringer. It allowed us to understand the importance Biospringer places on creating strong and lasting relationships with its partners. We tried to find concrete technological solutions that could be implemented by Biospringer to enrich its CRM, which was very stimulating."

Benoît HERVIO - MSc in Hospitality Management & FBC Chair 

How to develop a new strategy for a customer segment undergoing profound change: The case of baking and snacking sector.

Stéphane Bravais - Customer Business Manager Bakery and Fast Food Industry

Tonino Bianco - Warehouse Director Chambéry 

(April 2021)

"Two experts, Stéphane and Tonino, showed how Metro expanding in this segment by adapting to new snacking trends in the French market. Another surprising element in the workshop was the restitution session to share innovative snacking concepts from diverse cuisines that was quite interesting to know."

Aditi GOENKA - Master in Management & FBC Chair