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 MAY 1-5, 2023 / APRIL 8-12, 2024

Every year, our learning expedition enables us to engage in enriching discussions about people, values, cultural agility, sustainability in practice, business ecosystems, entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the last two years, we have explored the specific characteristics of Italy in terms of production and retailing, food culture, regionalisation, traditions and innovations!

We had the fantastic opportunity to visit the headquarters and offices of various companies, including NESTLE, SLOW FOOD, CARREFOUR, BARRY CALLEBAUT, CAMPARI GROUP, HELLO FRESH, ESSELUNGA, GREENWEEZ. We also met graduates working in all sectors at an afterwork organised by ESSEC Alumni.


🌿Embracing Eco-Conscious Retail🌿 

Led by Céline Dumas, Managing Director of Greenweez, we discovered the brand's innovative e-commerce roots and its rise as a key player in responsible consumption. 

The discussion left us with a clearer vision of how strategic choices can lead to positive environmental impacts and how mindful purchasing can drive sustainable industry changes.

Ayman Amail, Isabella Alberti


Our session began with an corporate presentation by Alexandre Rochat, the head of Innovation Intelligence, alongside Gianmaria Luise. They unveiled the intricacies of ESSELUNGA's approach towards 🔦innovation research, the harmonious integration with core business strategies, and the proactive safeguarding of business essentials. 

The future of supermarkets was painted with broad strokes, highlighting trends and burning issues in the retail sector. We then had the unique opportunity to step into the ESSELUNGA Lab, where innovation isn't just discussed, but tangibly tested. It's a space where new ideas meet reality and where feedback from local customers is not just heard, but actively sought to refine and enhance the shopping experience. 

Kenneth Manalo & Haoyue Kuang

NESTLE - 2024

🍫 Nurturing Innovation:
    Our Afternoon at Nestlé Italy 

Greeted by Florence Audoyer, Managing Director of Confectionery and ESSEC alum, we embarked on a journey through Nestlé’s storied presence in Italy. 

We indulged in a rich dialogue about the confectionery market, exploring the layers of marketing innovation and the unique aspects of working within the Italian culture while maintaining an international strategy. Nestlé’s approach to combining global strategies with local brands provided us with food for thought on adaptability in business.

Khizar Syed & Sacha Cruz 

SLOW FOOD 2023 - 2024

🌳 Visiting the Biodiversity valley in Bergamo & the vineyards of the OIKOS cooperative

🌳 Learning about the importance of preserving plant diversity

🌳Understanding how agroecology principles are applied in practice.

Eleni Tsirikou & Enrique Castano

SLOW FOOD - 2023 - 2024

1. The elementary school of Scanzioroscate engages students to connect with nature & learn about biodiversity by cultivating a garden within school premises. A beautiful way to spread education and awareness around natural production methods, while fostering a community spirit.

2. Scanzioroscate is the only place producing #Moscato di Scanzo. We tasted the unique sweet red wine during the special wine wasting session hosted at the Scanzioroscate consortium. 

EATALY 2023 - 2024

Visit of the Eataly Milano concept store:


It was a great opportunity to visit the Chocolate Academy and learn about its business model. Mr. Fabio Di Mauro introduced us to he current opportunities and challenges of the cocoa-chocolate industry & about Barry Callebaut's role in creating value in the global cocoa value chain. 

🍫  Corporate social responsibility is embedded in the DNA of Barry Callebaut 

🍫  26 Chocolate Academy around the world empower Barry Callebaut to create value as a leading B2B enterprise in the cocoa chocolate industry. 

🍫  Barry Callebaut's in-depth cooperation with its customers requires it to always keep in touch with the end consumer market. 


CAMPARI GROUP  2023 - 2024

Melody Guerra and Andrea Pozzi gave us dive presentation into their role as SEMEA marketing and commercial managers, the importance of partnerships in their network, and an overview of Campari Group’s growth strategy and brand pillars.

We were also treated to a tour of the Galleria Campari, and saw how the Campari brand has maintained a creative fusion of art, visual identity and brand since the company was founded in Milan in 1860. 

And finally, it was 🥂 aperitivo time for us. Thankfully there was Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz, Negronis and snacks to enjoy at the beautiful Villa Campari Ristorante as the evening set in. 🌞 

Guy BELL & Cynthia KHEIR


It was an insightful experience for us to gain firsthand insights how HelloFresh Group Italy has integrated #sustainability & #innovation as key elements of its strategy & operations. The team shared how they adapted the business model to cater to the unique preferences of the Italian market through:

🍋 Efficiency in business operations through the use of innovative marketing,

🍋 Application of data analysis to ensure the efficiency of business operations

🍋 Supply chain efficiency through various strategies such as supplier diversification and warehouse facilities,

🍋Implementation of sustainable practices: food packaging, short-distance sourcing 



Ms Muriel During & Mr Angelo Arrigoni shared their insights about the Food Transition strategy to transform the food ecosystem by providing quality products according to sustainable values respecting environment & animal welfare.

They shared key Strategic Insights for the creation of a unique selling proposition in a highly competitive market.

We concluded the session with an engaging store visit to understand how Carrefour leverages its private labels and "Filiera Qualita" products to communicate its commitment towards fighting against inflation and supporting food transition.

Sanya Goyal & Leonardo Zanon



"...We had an interactive and extensive discussion with the entire McCain team starting from Agricultural Sourcing team to Marketing team and they took us on a journey starting from sourcing the potatoes and oil with emphasis on impact of the recent problems with the pandemic and international conflicts to the innovation and marketing of the finished products.."

Pavan Jambai and Emilie Ducamp

McCain HQ, Lille

"...After this interesting presentation of Boortmalt (Subsidiary of Axéréal) and the main activities, we visited the factory ! We learnt more about the production process. We also visited their innovation center which is constantly working on exploring ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the entire malting process, ways of using malt in the food industry among many others. .."

Chinmay Dharmardhikari and Mélanie Baranec - Boortmalt, Antwerp

"..We’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about IFFs Revenue Growth Management (RGM) and its pricing and negotiation strategies with its customers.... ...There is no doubt we have acquired some key insights on the ways of the Food & Beverages companies throughout this afternoon. Insights that will, no doubt, come in handy when facing the upcoming challenges of our sector...."

- Loïc Bozouklian and Fleur de Gastines

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

"...We got a great insight into the business challenges and priorities for Heineken, who keep the customer at the heart of all their decisions. We learnt the importance of customer centricity from their approach to actively follow up on customer feedback..."

Chirag Ranawat and Akriti Gupta

Heineken HQ, Amsterdam

October 2021 - TRIP TO SICILY


The class of 2021 decided to explore Italian Food and it's issues through a trip to Sicily