Courses & Seminars

3 compulsory courses - 3UV 

T2 - Tuesday
13:15 - 16:15

Understanding the Food Consumer
MKGS31215 - CRN120

To provide a reading frame and the tools to better analyze the postmodern Food Consumers, and beyond, to understand the global consumption drivers and matrix. Through the example of food, we propose to teach the fundamentals of anthropology. The “consumercook-eater-citizen” evolves in a system of meanings that must be unraveled in order to reveal the motivations behind his or her actions.

T2 - Intensive week
February 19-23, 2024

Food Concept Creative Workshop
MKGM31301 - CRN25

This one-week workshop will address every year a different theme that is at the crossroads of multiple challenges of the agri-food ecosystem.

The 2023 edition focused on the theme "Food for Travelers”. Yet, fulfilling the very specific needs of travelers in highly-constrained environment is a multi-dimensional challenge, in terms of operations, design, environment, cuisine, culture, nutrition, or public health. Students were invited to imagine new concepts, in response to real-life problems shared by the workshop corporate partners(2022 and 2023): AIR FRANCE, SERVAIR, RATP TRAVEL RETAIL, ALTAREA, VINCI AIRPORTS, LAGARDERE TRAVEL RETAIL 

T3 - Tuesday 

13:15 - 16:15

Smart Technologies for Food Business
MGTS31411 - CRN 85

In last two decades, SMART technologies have penetrated the Food Business, that is from the field to the Fork. Technologies, alone or in groups, are a potential source of competitive advantage, and can, as well, disrupt a whole industry. Nowadays, many different technologies are often used in the Agri-Food industries. These come in various fields, have different functional properties, and can achieve different levels of performance. Furthermore, the speed by which technologies enter a competitive arena has dramatically increased over the years.  

2 Chair' seminars - 2UV 

T2 - Wednesday
13:15 - 16:15

The World of Food Challenges and Champions

MKGS31431 - CRN 165

Develop an understanding of the contemporary issues affecting the world of food, moves made by companies, and what can be learned and use elsewhere. Cases will be selected from different geographical areas such as India, France, China, Korea, Italy, etc. according to the international backgrounds of the participants. This world-tour of the food industry will unveil the diverse culinary cultures prevalent in different parts of the world & help in building a foundation of the underlying themes that govern the F&B industry in these parts of the world and globally.

T3 - Wednesday
13:15 - 16:15

Insights on Food Challenges
MKGS31441 - CRN 90

Through actual case studies presented and led by senior managers,

chair students will work on the main challenges facing companies in

the food industry, whether strategic or operational, impacting different

areas of activities: CSR, marketing and communication, supply chain

and data management, etc. Case studies will be designed by ESSEC

professors along with partner company executives.

1 elective courses among the 6 following - 1UV

+ 6-month professional experience in the agri-food sector