Courses & Seminars

3 compulsory courses - 3UV

T2 - Wednesday / 09:00 - 12:00

Smart Technologies for Food Business
MGTS31411 - CRN 133

What modern technologies can bring to the Food companies?

1/ What are the new technologies (technology intelligence)?

2/ What benefits could they deliver (technology assessment)?

3/ How to make use of them (technology integration)?

T2 - Tuesday / 13:15 - 16:15

Understanding the Food Consumer in the 21st century
MKGS31215 - CRN 112

To provide a reading frame and the tools to better analyze the postmodern food consumers: this course draws from research in cultural anthropology, sociology, AI and computing, genomics, behavioral economics, social psychology, marketing.

T3 - Tuesday / 9:00 - 12:00

Design Thinking for Food Transition
MGTS31403 - CRN 81

To learn and practice the 5 principles of Design Thinking applied on Food challenges. To achieve that, teams students will work as a strategic design team, working on a real-life challenge provided by an agrifood company selected to be the partner of the session.

2 Chair' seminars - 2UV

T2 - Wednesday / 13:15 - 16:15

The World of Food Challenges and Champions

MKGS31431- CRN 152

From India to California, from France to China, Japan and Korea, this Seminar explores the world of food and its challenges in the 21st century. Every week, the class focus will be on a specific region or country of the world. Guest lecturers and food experts from around the world will be invited to the seminar to share their knowledge and experience with the students.

T3 - Tuesday / 13:15 - 16:15

Insights on Food Challenges

MKGS31441 - CRN 97

Through actual case studies presented and led by senior managers, chair students will work on the main challenges facing companies in the food sector, whether strategic or operational, impacting various business lines: CSR, marketing and communication, supply chain and data management, etc. Case studies will be designed by ESSEC professors along with partner company executives.

2 mandatory courses among the 6 following - 2UV

  • IDSI31341 e-Business Strategy & Operations (T1-T2-T3 - Friday - 13:15)

  • FINM31213 Agri-Food Commodity Markets (T2 - Friday - 13:15)

  • MKGM31301 Workshop "A Journey to Better Nutrition" (T2 - From February 21 to 25)

  • MKGF31218 Stratégies et nouveaux défis de la distribution (T3 - Wednesday - 9:00)

  • MGTS31401 Agri-Food Sustainable Development (T3 - Wednesday - 9:00)

  • IDSD31113 Decision Analytics (T3 - Wednesday - 13:15)