Courses & Seminars

3 compulsory courses - 3UV

T2 - Tuesday
13:15 - 16:15

Understanding the Food Consumer
MKGS31215 - CRN120

To provide a reading frame and the tools to better analyze the postmodern food consumers: this course draws from research in cultural anthropology, sociology, AI and computing, genomics, behavioral economics, social psychology, marketing.

T2 - Intensive week
February 20-24, 2023

A Journey to Better Nutrition (Workshop)
MKGM31301 - CRN25

This one-week workshop will address every year a different theme that is at the crossroads of multiple challenges of the agri-food ecosystem.

The 2022 edition focused on the theme "Food for Travelers”. Yet, fulfilling the very specific needs of travelers in highly-constrained environment is a multi-dimensional challenge, in terms of operations, design, environment, cuisine, culture, nutrition, or public health. Students were invited to imagine new concepts, in response to real-life problems shared by the workshop corporate partners: Air France, Servair, Vinci Airports, RATP Travel Retail.

T3 - Tuesday

13:15 - 16:15

Smart Technologies for Food Business
MGTS31411 - CRN 85

What modern technologies can bring to the Food companies?

1/ What are the new technologies (technology intelligence)?

2/ What benefits could they deliver (technology assessment)?

3/ How to make use of them (technology integration)?

2 Chair' seminars - 2UV

T2 - Wednesday
13:15 - 16:15

The World of Food Challenges and Champions

MKGS31431 - CRN 165

From India to California, from France to China, Japan and Korea, this

Seminar explores the world of food and its challenges in the 21st century.

Every week, the class focus will be on a specific region or country of the world. Students will work on research topics related to the different countries explored in the seminar, such as in-depth analysis of food purchasing practices, food self-sufficiency, benchmarking of food companies and FoodTech start-ups.

T3 - Wednesday
13:15 - 16:15

Insights on Food Challenges

MKGS31441 - CRN 90

Through actual case studies presented and led by senior managers,

chair students will work on the main challenges facing companies in

the food sector, whether strategic or operational, impacting different areas of activities: CSR, marketing and communication, supply chain

and data management, etc. Case studies will be designed by ESSEC

professors along with partner company executives.

1 elective courses among the 6 following - 1UV

  • IDSI31341 - e-Business Strategy & Operations

  • IDSD31113 - Decision Analytics

  • FINM31213 - Agri-Food Commodity Markets

  • MKGF31218 - Stratégies et nouveaux défis de la distribution

  • MGTS31401 - Agri-Food Sustainable Development

  • MGTE 31403 - Intrapreneurship & Managerial Models

1 Personal Research Project - 1UV

+ 6-month professional experience in the agri-food sector to validate the
Food Business Challenges Chair