ESSEC FoodCast

ESSEC FoodCast: the Podcast chain dedicated to Food Startups 

ESSEC FoodCast is Food Business Challenges Chair’s podcast series that brings together experiences and ideas on Food innovation from individuals to enterprises. The whole series will be composed of successful/ failure stories from startups and food themes from different perspectives. 

We are not aiming at raising each and every question, but to awake your curiosity and appetite while presenting you amazing food projects. Close your eyes and think beyond, imagine the potential future of food with us! 

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🎧 Are autonomous robots the future of agriculture

FoodCast, the ESSEC Food Business Challenges Chair podcast, interviews #ESSECAlumni Henri Desesquelles, to learn more about his startup Osiris Agriculture and how it aims to change the outdated reality of irrigation in France through an autonomous robot- OSCAR!

The end goal is making it easier, cheaper, and more sustainable for farmers. This is a major challenge to climate change! So...

1- Do you get your hears up for anything #food-tech?

2- Do you wonder how a SMART and sustainable agriculture could look like?

3- AND could you use some advice from a fellow @ESSEC entrepreneur?

Then this podcast is for you! 

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🎧 How can technology help in reducing #foodwaste? |

This time, Foodcast had a chance to interview @Phenix, a French food-tech company that offers a service to secure the recovery of unsold products by connecting suppliers and charities on a digital platform.

Meet @Clément Carreau, Public Affairs Manager at @Phenix, who shares some insights and answers to questions regarding food waste management such as: 

Foodcast realized by: 

Chinmay DHARMADHIKARI, Geoffroy BACHELERIEHelena MASCARENHAS SANTOSYeaeun CHA , Class02 - May 2022

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SmartVrac with Oriane SENTIS 


Smartvrac Founder, smart gravity bins for retail stores

..and many other topics of great interest. 

Foodcast realized by Folco FACCHINI, Marion LEE, Muqing LIN, Class01 - Avril 2021

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How can a restaurant create a true customer experience? 


While the moderators are: Philip Ruskin, Professor at IMHI / ESSEC Business School and Marion Lee, Student at ESSEC Business School

Foodcast realized by Folco FACCHINI, Marion LEE, Muqing LIN, Class01 - June 2021