Workshop Le Cordon Bleu

3-Day Culinary Workshop on Innovation, Creativity and Design 

for the Restaurant Industry

Our two renowned establishments share a common goal in training international participants to the future requirement of the different food sectors. It was only natural that we decided to combine our know-hows into a global force thanks to the complementary nature of our culinary and business expertise.


ESSEC and Le Cordon Bleu have come together to create a 3-day workshop around innovation, creativity and design. The aim of this project is to combine the skills and knowledge of business school and culinary school students. 

June 2023

"Water is life"

Imagine and design a restaurant concept and create its own signature menu

Where Realising the Symbolic Forces of the Waters delivers a Memorable Experience

Mixed teams have been tasked with creating a restaurant concept and its "signature" menu. They had to imagine and then design a place - the restaurant - and an experience with the objective of maximizing sharing and commensality.

July 2022

"Sharing…and More"

The Jury composed of the Chef Patrick Caals, Chef Frederic Deshayes for Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Hanane Lamjaj (Biospringer by Lesaffre), Sophie Tuja (AXEREAL), Bérénice Alby (METRO France) awarded its prize to team 2, for their concept:
"To offer a convivial experience of cooking and tasting based on a theme: Seasonal vegetable menu".

Public Prize was awarded to team 10: Akriti Gupta, Juliette Guicheux, Farha Mamhoud, Marie Anne-Valérie Camille for their concept: "Reinventing Literary Cafes" 

Team 2 with the jury members and coachs.

July 2021

Innovation, Creativity & Design

"My Restaurant on the Move"

The Cordon Bleu, ESSEC Food Business Challenges Chair is delighted with this first collaboration that will, through an innovative and uniting project, allow for skills and knowledge to intertwine, as a feast for both the eyes and palate! 

In combining the perfection of the culinary arts, taste and beauty, with the reflection on new eating habits, as well as creativity and design, we have given birth to this first project “My Restaurant on the Move”!

Congratulations to the 2 winning teams.

 « Tabl’oh » at the confluence between arts and gastronomy selected by the professional jury.

The other winning team won the audience prize with their Historical Journey to ancient times cuisine.