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The agri-food sector -from the fields to the fork- faces profound and structural changes.

Drivers include:

As a result, companies must transition

Today, most of the leaders of agri-food companies believe that the current systems will no longer be effective in ensuring the economic and societal objectives assigned to them, the first of which is to feed the world population while protecting the planet.


With the chair we strive to bring to our students the latest issues and investigate future issues in the agri-food sector whether they are related to challenges in production, distribution, or with the consumer. We are thankful to our companies’ partners and our network of affiliates for sharing with us many of their challenges and allowing our students to discover them and to design actions plan to tackle them. 


The objective of the chair is to train and to inspire the future industry leaders with an innovative mindset and a strong willingness to conduct the transition of Food Business with sustainable and reliable transition solutions. Together with partners and affiliates, we strive to reinvent tomorrow's food networks and businesses. 

The chair program is designed to provide participants with in-depth understanding of the food ecosystem, both from a human perspective and a technological point of view. It will also provide several approaches and tools to design and build the “transition for food and earth”.