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The Food Business Challenges Chair organizes events for the students, the Chair's partners and the Food Business community at large such as visits, workshops, conferences, debates, etc.

These events aim to promote collective thinking on the challenges of the future of food and the transition of food systems.




This year, we had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the headquarters and offices of various companies including McCain, Boortmalt (a subsidiary of our Chair partner company Axéréal), IFF, Heineken & PicNic. The expedition spanned across three countries, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • Workshop "Le Cordon Bleu", is hosting a 3-day culinary workshop on the theme of "Innovation, creativity and design for the restaurant industry" with the students of the Chair and their own students chefs and pastry chefs. This project aims to combine the skills and knowledge of business school and culinary arts students.

"Sharing... and more" was the challenge of this second edition. (July 2022)

  • Visit to the production site of Biospringer by Lesaffre to discover their vision, strategy and recent developments. Three student groups presented their propositions for a new B2B2C strategy for Biospringer! These proposals were part of the study case proposed by Lesaffre: "360° of Taste" - Biospringer by Lesaffre - From a Family Breadmaking House to a Global Biotech Empire". (May 2022)

  • As part of our learning expedition we visited to the BOORTMALT malthouse in Antwerp, subsidiary to AXEREAL. (May 2022)

  • Workshop with BEL Group
    Marketing Challenge Babybel "Once Upon a Supersnack...." (March 2022)

  • Safari ANTROPIA x Food Business Challenges Chair
    Social & Solidarity Food companies (March 2022)

Meeting with Les Marmites Volantes Feeding mouths with love at affordable prices while supporting a sustainable agricultural model and minimizing waste and C02 emissions. Responsible catering service from start to finish in restaurants and on delivery. Les Marmites Volantes has two restaurants in Montreuil and Paris and a catering service through tours on three-wheeled bikes. On the menu? Simple, good, organic lunches at low prices

and Refugee Food Festival The Refugee Food Festival is a travelling project that proposes to entrust the kitchens of restaurants to refugee chefs. Thanks to the universal power of cooking, the festivals have 3 main objectives: to change the way people look at refugee status, to offer a springboard to refugee chefs by facilitating their access to employment, and to introduce people to cuisines and flavors from elsewhere.

  • How does METRO support the transformation of its restaurant
    customers ?

Visit of the store & round table (February 2022)

Successstory #2


🎧 How can technology help in reducing #foodwaste? | June 2022


  • Jean Dussaix, Global Sustainable Sourcing Lead at SODEXO Group

"Packaging: how to deliver outstanding impacts on health, natural ecosystems and margin" - April 19th, 2022

  • Dominiques ROQUES, Head of Naturals Purchasing, Innovation & Promotion at FIRMENICH
    "Sourcing Natural Ingredients for the Perfume Industry - Heritage, Luxury and Conscious Consumer" - April 12nd, 2022

How to feed the World in 2050?

March 15th, 2022

Food Business: Who is the Boss?
February 1st, 2022

  • Anne-Laure BLOCH, Head of Buying & Offer - Grocery Food and Beverage, GALERIES LAFAYETTE

How Food & the New Food Culture Reshape the Future of Global Department Stores
June 24th, 2021

  • Loïc DABLE, Chef et entrepreneur, Loïc Dablé est à la tête du restaurant Migrations à Abidjan et est le co-fondateur du projet Panaf.

Quand l’Afrique s’éveillera : le renouveau actuel des cuisines africaines

June 9th, 2021

Computational Gastronomy: A Data Science Approach to Food and Cuisine

May 26th, 2021

L’alimentation de demain : de la fourchette à la fourche - La perspective du législateur

February 2020